Preserving & restoring antique furniture and wooden objects

We restore and conserve antique furniture and contemporary classic pieces as well as other wooden objects – all with painstaking attention to details and drawing upon years of experience.

We carry out our restoration work either in our own workshop (located close to Berlin's Kurfürstendamm) or on our customers' premises.


Furniture restoration & preservation


Preserving and restoring a historical piece of furniture requires extensive knowledge, intricate craftsmanship and a strong sense of responsibility.


When we conserve a piece of furniture, the item itself is largely left intact. Our job is to halt the advance of any deterioration by making changes to the material's structure.

Restoration involves any activity undertaken to return a neglected or damaged object/piece of furniture to its original state without losing any of its aesthetic or historical integrity. Any work carried out to replace damaged or missing sections should be recognisable as such.

When restoring a piece of furniture, we generally begin by assessing the item to establish the materials used, the extent of the damage as well as its authenticity. We then outline our findings in a short report, which will also set out what measures need to be taken.

Our services

- Preservation and restoration of furniture and wooden objects in a range of styles, specifically European and American vintage pieces (Eames, Teak pieces etc.)

- Conservation and restoration of original finishes (patina, shellac and wax polishes, frames, beer glaze, gildings, painted surfaces)

- Restoration of inlaid work, damaged veneers and solid wood

- Evaluation of all types of furniture and wooden objects (free of charge within the Berlin area)

- Guidance on acquiring antiques and insurance claims

- Transportation and insurance for the object in question

- Restoration of carvings, original fittings, locks and keys as well as other reconstructive work

Our services also include the restoration and reconstruction of missing elements (e.g. by recasting metal fittings), turnery and wood carving; lock repair using original techniques and materials as well as the recasting of locks and keys; pest control, e.g. to tackle woodworm infestation.

Restoration of cabinets

Restoration of bureaus & chests of drawers

Restoration of picture frames & mirrors

Restoration of tables & chairs

Additional services

- Guidance on purchasing antiques or insurance claims

- Advice on proper care and maintenance of your item

- Report on your restoration project, including images


Anne Pfefferkorn
Qualified restorer (B.A.D.A. Diploma)


Trained cabinet maker and qualified furniture restorer (holder of a diploma from the British Antique Dealers Association);
launched her own business in 2000, opening her own workshop in Berlin

More about my path to becoming a furniture restorer

André Kotik
Master carpenter


Trained carpenter and furniture maker;
self-employed carpenter since 2014;
Achieved master carpenter status in 2016 and continues to work on a self-employed basis, specialising in high-end interior fittings for private residencies, monument preservation as well as traditional restoration work involving wooden objects

My path to becoming a furniture restorer

1995 - 1999


I first encountered furniture restoration when I was training to become a cabinet maker in Wannsee close to Berlin. I was instantly captivated by the unique craftsmanship and skill involved in working with antique furniture.

This was followed by an internship at Christie's Berlin (1998/1999), where I went on to become an assistant to the auction house director. Here I was able to gain a fascinating insight into the world of priceless antiques and wooden objects. I was immediately mesmerised by the exceptional items brought in by furniture enthusiasts and collectors from around the globe – and it's a passion that continues to this day.

Becoming a qualified restorer


In 1999 I travelled to the south of England to complete my diploma in furniture restoration at West Dean College, where I was able to learn all of the skills and basic techniques involved in furniture restoration and conservation.

My diploma in restoration received in July 2000 from the University of Sussex.

First own workshop


Once back in Berlin, I was able to realise my dream of having my own workshop. My first premises was in Kreuzberg, but I later moved to Moabit.

Our new workshop in Halensee


In 2015 we finally opened our new workshop in Damaschkestraße in Berlin's Halensee, which is located in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, close to Kurfürstendamm.


Spread over two floors, it offers ample space for us to carry out our restoration work and to showcase a handful of unique pieces.

Our workshop

Our workshop at No. 28 Damaschkestraße in Berlin's Charlottenburg district is where we carry out all of the restoration work that cannot be done at our customers' premises.

We are always happy to welcome visitors to our workshop, especially those who would like to find out more about the work that we do.

Clients & projects

For several years, we have been responsible for the care and maintenance of collections housed at the Office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany and the Patent Office.


Our list of customers also includes well-known private collectors as well as both local and international auction houses (e.g. Christie's).

Our memberships

We love working with and restoring antique furniture and are delighted to see such growing interest in these priceless items.

In order to safeguard and promote awareness of this cultural form, we support a number of different associations:


Are you looking to restore a recently purchased antique or an old family heirloom? We will be happy to offer you advice, including on new acquisitions and insurance.

You can get in touch with us either by phone or send us your query via email.

In order for us to issue an initial quote, we kindly ask that you send us detailed pictures of the object in need of restoration so that we can get a general idea of the work that may be required.

Thank you for your interest – we look forward to hearing from you!

Please arrange an appointment with us before visiting our workshop. We are sometimes away working on site and wouldn't want you to show up to a closed shop.

We look forward to your visit!

Anne Pfefferkorn
Möbelrestaurierung Berlin

Damaschkestraße 28

10711 Berlin


Telefon: +49 30 880 673 78


Anne Pfefferkorn - Restauratorin im Handwerk - Berlin


Anne Pfefferkorn

Tel. +49 30 880 673 78

Damaschkestraße 28

10711 Berlin